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31. December 2007
Sonic game boxarts added. Sega PAL gamelists again updated! Happy new year 2008!

11. April 2007
Mega-CD PAL gamelist is updated.

09. January 2007
Free MTV3's website service close in 10. January 2007. New Sonic and Sega site's address is www.neosaturn.com/sonicsite/

17. October 2006
New wallpapers added and too Sonic games artcovers, there in 'Sonic games' site. And Sonic games checklist updated.

08. March 2006
Sega gamelists large-update! View from Sega games site. New Sega US import gamelists, whereby is not made PAL version game in Europe. Also new Sonic PAL, US & JPN games checklist. Guestbook again changed. Shinybook.net is new guestbook.

22. November 2005
Iguest.net guestbook retired, I founded a new Dreambook.com guestbook.

30. March 2005
Much new added. I tell what added.
- Sonic game's artcovers
- Magazines (Mean Machines Sega and Super Power)
- Old Sega Advertises
- Links
Thanks to Nemesis from Sega Mean Machines & Super Power magazines and Sega advertises!

09. December 2003
Sonic the Hedgehog and Sega sites moved to internet. I hope you enjoy my site. :)